The Knowledge Lab is supported and powered by 2 Healthcare companies who have a shared vision of enabling Healthcare development and progression on the African continent. Improving access to educational content and creating a platform where experience and best practice sharing is common, creates a synergistic effect, with the aim to ultimately help provide the highest level of treatment and advice to your patients. We will continue to find new and novel ways to achieve this goal and add to this platform as these become available and possible.

Our Partners


Imperial is an African focused provider of integrated market access and logistics solutions. With a focus on the following key industries - healthcare, consumer, automotive, chemicals, industrial and commodities - we take our clients’ and principals’ products to some of the fastest growing and most challenging markets in the world. As a leading global logistics provider, we seek out and leverage new technology to deliver innovative, end-to-end solutions. Through our significant African footprint and international expertise, and with the support of our 25,000 people, Imperial’s purpose is to connect Africa and the world - and to improve people’s lives with access to quality products and services. Imperial became a wholly owned business of DP World in March 2022.

Vertice MedTech

Vertice MedTech was formed in May 2018 following a strategic partnership between the Amayeza Group and South African based investor, Ethos. As per the “buy and build” strategy, the next acquisition was Legacy Medical (July 2018), followed by Haemotec (Nov 2018) and LTE Medical Supplies (Feb 2019).

In April 2019, we started an Ophthalmology business (EyeCare) and have expanded our product range and agencies in the existing verticals. The second half of 2019 saw further acquisitions with Paragmed in November and Jumla Medical Supplies and Stratmed joining the group in December.

We are a scaled and diversified group of specialised medical service providers committed to bringing new, first-rate technologies to a wide spectrum of medical practitioners.

We provide the latest devices, software, processes and procedures that facilitate high care and quality treatment for all patients. Our clients and partners continually receive extensive training and comprehensive technical support as we strive towards better products, better services and more personalised customer experiences.

Pioneering Solutions Studio
Pioneering Solutions Studio

Pioneering Solution Studio’s (PSS) TRISCOMS® framework is a leader in Education Technology (EdTech) and is used in multinational programs by organisations like the United Nations and private sector alike. TRISCOMS® technology brings best-in-class solutions from various tech stack developers (including Microsoft) together in one comprehensive cloud-based Professional Development, Training and Education Platform. TRISCOMS® empowers professionals, service providers, companies, professional associations, and councils across multiple industries and countries with innovative, integrated, and comprehensive online training and compliance solutions.

This user friendly and fully functional web-based interface has significant data processing capabilities that enables us to host a tremendous number of courses, from multiple sources, without effecting performance. PSS also manages a highly successful online medical education system ( and their software has won the SAIIE President’s Award for Project Design and Implementation (2014). The utilization of this advanced software, together with PSS’s commitment to managing the platform, guarantees efficiency and a pleasant user experience for all.